“I’m fine,” Col. McMahon reports from Luzon

In Angeles City on Luzon in the Philippines right now, MBDO President Col. Richard A. McMahon, Jr. reports only rain on Friday and no major effect where he is from Super Typhoon Haiyan.

He reports that “the central islands are collectively known as Visayas, V pronounced like B. That’s where the super typhoon hit. Recently, they were also hit big large earthquake. They said the super typhoon had more power than Hurricane Katrina. I was deployed to Katrina for 40 days by the Red Cross in 2005.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the many, many people in the Philippines and elsewhere in the Pacific where Typhoon Haiyan is impacting.

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  1. Although we are heartbroken on what we see on the news, we are glad to hear that you are Okay there Col. McMahon. From Ting & Ben

  2. Ron Youngblood /

    My uncle Henry Jordan served in the Provisional Air Corps Regiment and was recently denied for a CIB and Bronze Star because he was Air Force MOS. I have obtained most of his other medals but the Army won’t yield on CIB. Can you or your organization do anything to help the thousands of Bataan vets?

    • Mr. Youngblood — thank you for leaving this comment. Unfortunately, our organization is not in a position to lobby or intercede on behalf of veterans in the way you request. We do routinely assist next of kin in obtaining medals and can help with documentation of previous medals awarded to others in a particular unit. However, we do not have the resources to go much further than that. I would encourage you to contact other veteran resources, such as the American Legion and VFW to see if they can assist you. We wish you every success in your quest!

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