Waiting For NewsI just purchased this photo from a dealer on eBay in Mexico City, Mexico. It’s a photo of Maywood residents gather around a radio in a pharmacy some time in early February, 1945. They are anxiously waiting for any details on the prison camp raid carried out a couple of weeks earlier in Cabanatuan in the Philippines. Among the prisoners released in the successful attack by Army Rangers and Philippine Guerillas, were many men of the 192nd, as well as several men from Co. B.

Back of photo

Back of photo

Here’s a quote from the caption on the photo — first as originally published in Spanish, and then as translated by Google to English:

Vecinos del pueblo de Maywood, Illinois, ubicado en los suburbios de Chicago, algunos de cuyos familiares figuraron entre los soldados del Tio Sam capturados hace tres anos por los japoneses en las Islas Filipinas, se congregaron en una farmacia del lugar, para escuchar por radio el relato descriptivo del rescate de quinientos prisoneros, llevado a cabo por “comandos” norteamericanos y filipinos.

And now in English:

Residents of the town of Maywood, Illinois, located in suburban Chicago, some of whose relatives were among the soldiers of Uncle Sam captured three years ago by the Japanese in the Philippines , gathered in a pharmacy to listen to the descriptive account of the rescue of five hundred prisoner , conducted by American and Filipino “commandos”.

I posted this photo on Facebook, and the consensus appears to be that this is Hendricks’ Pharmacy in Maywood.

Do you recognize anyone in this photo? If so, please share in the comments.

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