Pres. McMahon received the following information via email.

I am pleased to announce the publication of my new book, The Courage to Remember. 208 pages in both hardcover  and softcover  For your information here is a little background.

The Courage to Remember

By Lester (Les) Tenney

lester-tenney-ph-d-chairman-care-packages-from-homeA survivor of the infamous Bataan Death March

Why would a 94-year-old man, retired and living the good life, want to go through the hustle, work and possible rejection of writing a book at this time of his life? Does he have anything to offer from his life experiences that might be of value to others?

My answer is very simple. I am one of the few survivors of the infamous Bataan Death March during World War II, and a Prisoner of War enslaved by the Japanese for three and a half long years. I’ve survived four years of war-related traumatic events, some so barbaric, inhumane, and brutal that most people could never imagine them to have happened. I know from personal experience the effect that stress and trauma has on your body and mind. Because, research confirms that two out of every three people, or 65%, will experience a serious trauma event before their lives run out. So maybe I can shed a new light on the old question of what can we do to help people who carry this traumatic stress burden around in their everyday activities. They live and must t function with PTSD.

For those who are now living with PTSD, or knows someone so affected, chances are very good that you will see yourself in this book or someone you know, loved or lived with, has survived some very difficult times and help is only a few moments away. We can get on with our lives if only we have the time to wait. People always say, “Time heals all wounds,” and for most of us, it does. You just have to give Time, enough time.

Lester  Tenney

Now available at The Courage to Remember: PTSD – From Trauma to Triumph