Editors Note: This year, we will be making a special effort to remember each and every known member of the 192nd Tank Battalion. As part of that remembrance, we will list each day the members who were killed or died on that date, along with links for additional information as available. We look forward to your comments.

March 2, 1942

Pfc. Curtis Massey (MD)


PFC Curtis Massey

On February 5, 1942, during an air raid, PFC Curtis was hit by a piece of shrapnel from a Japanese bomb.  The shrapnel cut his spinal cord leaving him permanently paralyzed.  He was taken to a Field Hospital #2 where the medical staff did what they could without adequate medical supplies. He died on March 2, 1942 from his wounds. His burial place is unknown. His name is listed on the Tablets of the Missing.

Learn more about PFC Massey here: http://bataanproject.com/Massey_C.html


March 2, 1945

2nd Lt. Marshall H. Kennady Jr. (HQ)

2nd Lt. Kennady

2nd Lt. Kennady

2nd Lt. Marshall H. Kennady Jr. fought in the battles of Calumpiy bridge and was part of the first successful tank to tank battle of WWII. He survived the Death March, Capas boxcars, and POW camps in the Philippines. He survived attacks on the Oryoku Maru and Brazil Maru hell ships. He died on this date in 1945 of dysentery at a POW hospital in Japan.

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