Found this article online while scanning through an online database of Maywood Herald articles. This is a picture of page 3 of the Maywood Herald from July 16, 1942. It show Lt. Emmett Gibson (who is my father), recently returned from Bataan after being medically evacuated to Australia on New Year’s Eve 1941 from Manila to Australia. The interesting thing in this photo is that they have gathered the fathers of other men of Maywood’s Co. B to pose in the picture.

Also interesting is that of the 8 dads shown, I’ve been able to confirm that Morin, Merrifield, McAuliffe and Boyle survived the war and returned home. Bertrand’s son died on a Hell Ship and was never recovered. Still researching Bechely and Hayes. Given that less than half of CO. B returned, it is amazing that at least 5 of these men (including my dad), survived from this picture.

Here is a link to the online archive: http://idaillinois.org/cdm/landingpage/collection/mppl


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