Editors Note: This year, we will be making a special effort to remember each and every known member of the 192nd Tank Battalion. As part of that remembrance, we will list each day the members who were killed or died on that date, along with links for additional information as available. We look forward to your comments.

February 3, 1942

Pvt. Richard W. Graff (B)

 Pvt. Charles A. Heuel (B)

 Pvt. Clemath Peppers (B)

Sgt. Ivan O. Wilmer (HQ)

Co. B tank crew members Pvt. Graff, Pvt. Heuel, and Pvt. Peppers, as well as HQ Co.’s Sgt. Wilmer, were all victims of shrapnel from a low level bombing during the famous Battle of the Pockets during the Battle of Bataan. Only Heuel’s remains went unrecovered, his name appears on the Tablets of the Missing. Graff, Peppers and Wilmer’s remains were recovered and returned to their families for burial.

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