Over the years, there have been many attempts made to identify all the men pictured on the famous “Lido Theater Bataan Mural”. The original picture, a copy of which hangs in the board room of the Maywood Public Library, has a legend at the bottom that does not really correspond completely with the figures in the mural. We have endeavored to attach and correct the legend to more accurately identify the men in the photo. However, we still have not identified several of the men pictured in the mural.

A bit of history is in order here. The original photo on which this mural was based was taken at Ft. Knox, Kentucky, when the Maywood Tankers, newly federalized as Co. B of the 192nd Tank Battalion, were on their way to additional training at Camp Polk, Louisiana. As such, the photo includes several men who were not sent to the Philippines because they left the company before deployment. In addition, many men from Maywood were not part of Co. B at the time of the photo, but were shipped out to Bataan as part of either Co. B or HQ Co. when the 192nd deployed. These additional men are pictured in ovals above the main picture.

We are fairly certain that all of the men in the ovals did deploy to Bataan, and that should help us identify all of those men. However, 7 of those photos are unidentified, or misidentified, we believe.

Here are the 7 unidentified men who are pictured in the ovals. Click on any thumbnail to see larger images.

Here are 8 men who are not currently listed on the legend, that we believe should be on the picture:

See the complete legend and mural identifications at http:/


So, what do you think? Click on the thumbnails to see larger version of any of these photos. Please comment below or email us at info@mbdo.org.


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