Steve Gibson, MBDO Board member and son of survivor Emmett Gibson, recently purchased a couple of newspaper photos and shares them with the MBDO. These two photos are heart-wrenching in their sadness, but uplifting in their resolve. The photos were taken during the dedication of the tank memorial in Maywood on Bataan Day in 1946.

This first photo is of the gathered widows and mothers of those who perished on Bataan, standing beneath umbrellas a rain threatens. The looks of sorrow and evidence of continuing mourning are unmistakable. Yet, they are at the dedication, determined to pay tribute and show their love.







The second photo is just as heart-breaking. In this photo, Brig. Gen. James R. N. Weaver, who commanded the 192nd Tank Battalion in the Battle of Bataan, stands and salutes the survivors of that battle as they march past. Some of the survivors, still not recovered from their wounds, ride in the parade in a jeep behind the marching men.