Editors Note: This year, we will be making a special effort to remember each and every known member of the 192nd Tank Battalion. As part of that remembrance, we will list each day the members who were killed or died on that date, along with links for additional information as available. We look forward to your comments.

April 15, 1997

Sgt. Edward H. Trebs (HQ)


Sgt. Trebs

Sgt. Trebs

Sgt. Trebs was wounded by shrapnel in a bombing during the attack on the Philippines. He was evacuated on the last medical ship allowed to leave Manila Harbor by the Japanese on New Years Eve, 1941. He was treated in a hospital in Australia where he remained for the duration of the war. He died on this date in 1997 in Hacienda Heights, California.

Learn more about Sgt. Trebs here: http://bataanproject.com/Trebs.html

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