1943 – “Sunday is Bataan Day”

From The Herald, Thursday, September 9, 1943. Author unknown.

Bataan Day

Sunday is Bataan Day–

Yesterday a man complained because his “A” card wouldn’t carry him to the country club….

Sunday is Bataan Day.

Yesterday a work man complained because 20 percent was coming out of his pay envelope each week.

Sunday is Bataan Day.

Yesterday a woman poured a couple of teaspoons of waste frying fats down the sink, “they didn’t amount to much, anyway…”

Sunday is Bataan Day.

Yesterday a maidenly aunt groused because trains were loaded and she couldn’t get a seat.

Sunday is Bataan Day.

Last night a housewife complained because she was “cooped and didn’t get anywhere at evenings.”

Halfway around the globe men are glad to leave Jap prison camps if they could be “cooped up” at home, That’s why…

Sunday is Bataan Day.

A week ago the same housewife complained because “there wasn’t a thing at the market for dinner.”

Those same men half way around the globe could see banquets where she refused to buy. That’s why…

Sunday is Bataan Day.

Last night a “swing shift” worker said, “The hell with it! We’re ahead of schedule,” and went to sleep.

Except for those still sleeping, the men on Bataan found the foxholes unrestful beds. Remembering them…

Sunday is Bataan Day.

Yesterday an office worker told a War Bond salesman, “I’ve already bought my share…”

Sunday is Bataan Day.

Today a man neglected to keep an appointment with the Red Cross Blood Donor service. He said, “They’re getting plenty…”

They had plenty on Bataan. Plenty they spilled with fine, reckless disregard, fighting, futile rearguard actions when could have laid down and quit.

Being Americans they didn’t.

Because they didn’t, all of the everyday annoyances are an unseemly small installment on the freedom for which they made a new down payment. That’s why…

Sunday is Bataan Day.

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